I have been photographing wedding for many years. One of the best piece of advice I can give you is to have a consultation with your photographer, florest, caterer, DJ, before you book them.

If you live out of town,  a phone call, better yet, SKYPE.

Make sure you see that persons work from ONE wedding. You can see the consistency of his or her work. If someone shows you an album and all the photos are from different wedding. Shit, that’s easy…  One wedding from beginning to end. I can show you 800 images in less the 10 mins. You don’t have to analyze them, just look, what’s your 1st impression of the overall images.

Also, go over all the details with your venders 1 week before the wedding, and if picked the right people, relax & enjoy your wedding day. This is a very special day for all family members. Don’t take a chance. Do your homework.